Artistry Youth Xtend Foundation

26 August 2014

We all love to talk about foundations am I right? They're the number 1 staple when it comes to getting flawless makeup, as most of us aren't blessed with perfect skin. Finding the perfect foundation usually leads to a life long hunt, some don't have enough coverage, some have too much coverage, some don't last long enough, while some don't have the right shades. Basically, the list is endless. Today I'm going to be reviewing the Artistry Youth Xtend Foundation and see if it actually lives up to its $70 price point.

Magic #smartbeauty: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water VS. Ordinary Water

21 August 2014

Garnier and Kidspot reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be part of the Garnier #smartbeauty challenge. To cut it short, if I win the challenge then I get some pretty nifty prizes, not bad eh? So, today I'll be reviewing for you the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, but this isn't your ordinary review, I'm stepping this up a notch, by comparing it to actual water. Pointless? Eh, I like to call it my little experiment, simply because this product completely looks and FEELS like water, so I thought it would be interesting to compare them side by side.

Eyeliner 101

14 August 2014

I'm pretty sure the first makeup product that I put on my face was eyeliner, and let's just say, I had many, many, MANY disasters throughout my life when it came to applying it. When I first discovered eyeliner, I used to line around my lower lash line because I was too scared to apply it to my waterline, and then when I moved onto doing winged liner, I decided to go to school everyday looking like I coloured my eyes in with a sharpie. So, to put it in simpler terms, after having so many disasters and conducting so many experiments when it comes to eyeliner, I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't.

Dermalogica mediBac Review!

5 August 2014

I think someone needs to whack me on my hands a couple of times, because I've been taking such HUGE breaks in between my posts! Apologies for the millionth time, I need to get into my routine again, and with university up and running, hopefully I can find a way to balance the two. Today's post is on  two products from the Dermalogica mediBac range. Now I'm sure I don't need to tell you all about Dermalogica, since it's such a well known skin care brand, but the mediBac range is specially targeted towards those who have problematic skin, so if you're someone who suffers from acne then you may enjoy this range.